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One of Houston's Best Family Lawyers -
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2017 50 Most Influential Woman


Association for Conflict Resolution - Houston Chapter

Credentialed Distinguished Mediator
with the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association (TMCA)

Texas Association of Mediators (TAM)

Association for Attorney-Mediators

State Bar of Texas

Highland Lakes Bar Association

Austin Mediators Association

Marble Falls Chamber of Commerce

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If you are looking for a lawyer you would want this one your side, I have done Fran for over 12 years and she helped us get our granddaughter -- which is very hard in the state of Texas. And now we are really good friends, She will be there for you all the way.
-Lynn T.
Fran Brochstein is a woman worth knowing and your "Legal Secret Weapon". As a Dream Life Coach & Financial Consultant, I encounter many people with problems--personal & legal. She is adept at getting to the core issue & resolving the situation in a very Professional manner. So I refer Fran on a regular basis because she has the integrity & experience people need. I have complete faith in her judgement & expertise. She handles Elder Law problems & personal needs such as wills, power of attorney for medical & financial, prenup consultations, divorces etc.. She's an excellent "Divorce Coach" for people just want want to consult with her regarding a family law matter. Primarily she mediates touchy issues for divorcing couples so that it is a win - win for everyone involved. She knows her way around the Houston Court System (which is vitally important). Since she handles matters in an expedient manner, her clients know upfront what their fees will be. No financial surprise. No long drawn out billings for no results. If you want someone who will not only "have your back", but also protect you from expensive legal mistakes, Fran Brochstein should be your Lawyer.
-Diana J.
Fran Brochstein is an absolute miracle worker!! My daughter is being sued for divorce by her husband and he filed for divorce some 300 miles away. We were very concerned as my daughter had not had time to retain an attorney and would be pro se against a seasoned Harris County attorney. Thanks to Ms. Brochstein, her expert knowledge and advice the case will now be heard in my daughter's county! Ms. Brochstein was easy to contact via her cell phone and responded to me (someone she had never met) very promptly. She listened very closely to the issues at hand and spent quite a long time on the phone with me. She is very knowledgeable and the issues that she raised were absolutely accurate, thus the judge granted the motion/order that my daughter presented. If I were to rate Ms. Brochstein she would score a 10 out of 10 in every category. In my book, she is a life saver!!!! Thank you Ms. Brochstein, we will never forget you!
Ms. Brochstein has been the most forthcoming and honest attorney that I have have ever come across. Unfortunately I have experienced many attorneys in the past looking for their own best interests instead of the interests of the client. This would certainly not be the case with regards to Ms. Brochstein. I was able to lay out my case for her, get great advice and a referral to another attorney that would be more specifically suited to my needs. Ms. Brochstein does mainly mediation cases at the this time and I would recommend Ms. Brochstein as a person of high ethics and always keeping the client and the clients family as a priority.
I made a phone call to Fran this morning. I am looking at hiring an attorney to handle my cases. I say cases, because this my ex has refused to comply with any of the orders in our decree. Let me begin by saying we divorced in 2008. Since then, I have been to court 3 times, all of which he was given a slap on the wrist. So we will be going back, yet again. After giving Mrs. Brochstein the information, she recommended a couple of attorneys to me. She also gave me really good advice on what to look at. It was a joy talking to a sane, and personable attorney that only mediates now. If we go to mediation again, I will be recommending we go to Mrs. Brochstein. She's got it together. Thank you again.
I have to say that this Attorney/Mediator is probably one of the most straight forward attorneys/mediators you may ever speak to. She is very knowledgeable but can break it down to an average Joe in laymen's terms. She is not like others out there just after a buck. She dedicates her own personal time to helping her clients. I strongly recommend her.
She was quick to response and very knowledgeable in how to proceed with my case. She took the time to answer my questions late at night and even recommended a coarse of action which would have normally done on my own.
Fran's quick response to my needs was a welcome surprise. At once, she was like a long-term, trusted friend who has all the experience and expertise one would want in both a friend and personal attorney. Not only was she helpful with my immediate situation, but she also referred me to another attorney for further assistance on another matter. Fran specializes in family law and mediation. If you are need of those services, I could not recommend anyone more qualified than Fran Brochstein.
Asked a question on Avvo and got good information from this lady. She offered that I could call her whenever I wanted. She proceeded to give good advice from the heart. Thank you.
Ms. Fran was very responsive to my needs, answered my complicated family law questions concisely, & put my mind at ease & referred me to a family law litigation attorney since she now no longer litigates.
Its always apparent who takes pride in their job and who just does it for the money. Mrs Fran obviously loves her job. She took time out of her morning to give me very good advise and to set my mind at ease. She truly is a gem.
Fran was well versed in the family law matters I needed help with and willing to recommend other professionals to assist with our legal matter. She was responsive and actively listened, I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a lawyer or mediator!
I talked to my friends and family. I was totally confused. I called a bunch of lawyers. Most never called back. Ms. Fran called me back herself one evening, She listened to me. She had me come in and I paid her for a one time meeting. She offered me several options - cheap, moderate or expensive along with the pros and cons of each option. She talked to with with respect but like someone that knew what she what she was talking about. She let me bring my parents in. They liked her too. My aunt told me that I should do something different so I did not hire Ms. Fran. My aunt's idea turned out to be a disaster and a waste of time. I called Ms. Fran. She was nice. I thought she might be mad because I did not hire her. She said to bring her all the papers and she sat down with me and fixed the problems. I ended up paying a lot more money than if I had just hired her instead of trying to save money. Ms. Fran had a good solution to my problem.
Fran has the unusual ability to listen carefully and compassionately, always with a positive approach which calms and instills hope and new energy in the client. She assists the client to identify reasonable possible solutions, and encourages us to be open, choose our important goals, make productive choices considering the needs of the parties involved, and carry out the situation or legal matter to a conclusion that is beneficial for everyone involved. Her loving nature, strong legal skills, and willingness to serve, make her an exemplary negotiator in difficult situations. My family (two grown sons) and myself always consult Fran Brochstein whenever we have any kind of legal questions or problems, and she takes care of all our legal matters. If I were ever in trouble, I would feel comforted that I can call Fran.
The most humble, informative, warm hearted lawyer. She listened and conquered. I was so glad to have her work my cases for adoption and my divorce and she did it with monies that were put aside and then she sent me a great deal of it back. Even now when I need a bit of advice, she is there, all I have to do is call her. Sometimes, I feel like I am bothering her with my little ordeals, but when we talk about them, it is never an issue. That is what I like about her so much. She never make you feel unimportant or small. It is not about her precious time. There is no bother to her busy world. She makes time for you-no matter what. This makes me have to keep her around. I tell everyone about "My Lawyer." She is a great help in times of need.
I have known Fran for 8-9 years. She handled my divorce wonderfully. I have recommended her to two other people and they loved her, too. On occasion, I have called her seeking advice. She is knowledgeable, honest, and compassionate. Anytime I need legal advice, I call Fran. Even if it is not her area of expertise, I know she will point me in the right direction. It's a pleasure to know her.
I've worked with Fran several times throughout her law career. She begins each project giving me an overview of what is entailed in time and cost, making sure I understand what she anticipates if things go as planned and what to expect if there are complications. She makes sure her schedule is cleared, and never carries too large of a workload to cause any of her clients concern that they will not have all of the attention that they deserve. She takes detailed notes, asking multiple questions and has always been respectful of my needs and is highly responsive to my emotional state. I have always felt comfortable sharing private information with her and truly feel she wants to do the best job for all concerned.
Ms. Brochstein is well more than enough experienced in her profession. She has always answered / responded to any of my questions within a 24 hour time frame. Even sooner. She is an attorney who doesn't beat around the bush, and adivises a client as to what needs to be done for their situation. I have used Ms. Brochstein on many occassions and I have even referred family and freinds to her as well. I feel comfortable sending them her way, because I know that Ms. Brochstein will do everything she possibly can to help and/or resolve the issue at hand to the best of her abilities. Therefore, with this being said, Ms. Brochstein is well more than qualified, she is wonderful at what she does. I am more than satisfied with what she has done for me.
Ms. Fran helped my family in more ways than one, not only did she help my husband get custody of his son,she helped financially also. I highly recommend her especially for fathers!! Thanks Ms. Fran you rock!!!
Fran handled a custody case for us and with her expertise and knowledge we won the case. I called her for advice on this case and even though it's been 7 years since the she represented us in this case she kindly spoke with me. She even told me to give her a call if she could be of any further help. I would recommend her to anyone who needs family law services.
Friendly, very informative, and the ONLY attorney I could find, after many calls to other attorneys, that will answer even the most basic question.... everyone else wants money for their time or they won't talk to you. Fran was SUPER helpful!
Fran was quick to respond to my concerns. I was pleased on how she responded to my concerns over my legal situation. Despite the fact I haven't hired her and just looking for some good advice. She went over everything regarding my situation and treated me as if I was her best client.
I have spoken with Fran during my search of attorneys. I must admit, she is the first ever attorney who not only was very cordial but also, had no BS/fluff to offer, which is a very rare quality in attorneys these days. She was not only honest but also offered help in providing general information about her peers and family law. I highly recommend her.
Ms. Brochstein is a real lawyer, who would help you first before helping her own pocket. If you always worry about lawyers who will rip you off, then see Ms. Brochstein. She is very knowledgeable and knows what good for you.


If you are looking for a lawyer you would want this one your side, I have done Fran for over 12 years and she helped us get our granddaughter -- which is very hard in the state of Texas. And now we are really good friends, She will be there for you all the way.
-Lynn T. more
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